August 22, 2011


Some people do a lot better with changes to their normal routine than others do. I'm one of those that doesn't do very well with changes to my daily routine, and it seems even harder to get myself back to equilibrium once things go back to normal. My posting here has gotten out of my normal schedule because I had a three-week change in my work schedule as my boss was on vacation and I was covering the office during her absence. I figured I would simply pop right back into my previous writing schedule in a couple of days after she returned, but I just haven't been able to do that.

I'm having to force myself to try and get back to normal writing now; making myself write this at 4 a.m. after a restless night. My brain seems to be telling me that this is foreign and new, but it's the time of day that I would usually start writing. I've even had difficulty in thinking of topics to write about. In thinking about routines this morning I was reminded of Daniel and his routine of praying three times a day, no matter his situation. I need to re-establish my old routine of a morning devotional time, no matter the situation, and let my day and thoughts be led by that. It's so easy to find excuses to not do that, yet I'll readily adjust things to fit in a TV show or football game.

I have a few new books to read, and a couple I need to re-read to start participating in a discussion about neuropsychology with a friend. Hopefully, that will get me back into a more creative mode, and my writing will flourish again. Maybe it's just the heat and the drought here affecting me; it seems to be sapping everyone I see. We need rain, for the ground, for our minds, for our hearts.

Take care and stay cool.

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