March 23, 2017

The Human Stock Show

Grey and drizzling, I approach you, a smile and a
Quick turn away the welcome given me
Provisions are needed for this journey
However long or short it may be

Your guards arrive, an unsecret service of
Your protection, not knowing the stranger beside
Walking hesitantly, masked in my unease
In plain sight, I struggle to hide

Swerving through the herd of steel and bone
You laugh, they laugh, I can only smile
Abducted from my better judgment
I am both safe and on trial

Wet crowds pour through the sieve of
Counting and control, into the concrete
Pasture of color and light, wandering
With purpose as the footstep's beat

A march of hunger to feed the senses
With sound light color taste scent
We feed, we wait, we watch the rain
The herd huddles under a tent

The corral awaits, a funnel for eyes
Ears hands feet hearts heads
Tension oppresses; in your hair
there is a kiss to relieve the dread

In the arena, we live through pain pleasure
Fear treasure disappointment relief delight
Memories spring from music, songs bring
Wistful nostalgia, old smiles shine bright
We arise to cross the bridge of sighs; you
Relax, our hands join to enter the night

March 22, 2017

To Dream, Perchance to Sleep...

Silence screams at me, a painless deafening hush
I turn away, searching for quiet in the quiet
The flesh is weak, the strong mind weaker still
Talking to myself, I cannot listen

I screams at I, pain roaring in my soul
I turn to nowhere, peace laughing at peace
Flesh becomes strong, Mind strengthens Mind
Talking to myself, I hear every silent word

Sleep snores at me, an amused whimpering quiver
I turn towards it, smiling at its simplicity
Bones creak and pop, Mind sinks into its Flesh
Pulling sleep towards me, I enjoy its contented sigh

Sleep walks away from me, when did he arrive?
I turn to somewhere, finding only Sleep's oppression
Flesh pulls at Bone, barely able to speak to Mind
Speaking to Sleep, He licks at my addled Soul

A Heron is in my Yard

The intruder steps lightly, wanting no attention
Imminent death shining in his eyes
Unsuspecting victims move through their day
Not knowing that Fate waits without patience
Why have you come to my house?

Hunger stomps heavily, demanding satisfaction
Caring not about death or destruction
Instinct is a knife moving through the mist
Destroying life to give life, thinking only of its own
You cannot succeed here; I am not prey

I fire my gun; Brown and Black death screams towards you
My bullet is fearless, having slavering fangs
You turn towards me, the predator become prey
A knowing fear flashes in your eyes
My house devours intruders

My bullet steps quickly, wanting my attention
Slavering fangs smile back at me
Pleased by his obedience, the gunfire keeps barking
Wanting to feed on flesh and bone and blood
Next time, my friend, next time

March 21, 2017

The Way of Things

Sol rises, blinded by Earth's transient cataracts
The unseeing eyes of all wait upon Thee, desiring to grasp glory and grace
Small ones rise, seeking power for their existence
Patient and expecting, knowing You provide
They toil not.

We rise, blinded by our enduring prejudice
The unseeing eyes of all wait upon nothing, grasping anything in case of need
Small ones fall, trampled in the fearful confusion of existence
Impatient and demanding, not seeing Your plenty around us
We toil in vain.

You rise, seeing slowly through the veil of sleep
Your unseeing eyes wait to adjust to the view, desiring knowledge
Of love rising, love faded but cherished, seeking the gift of
Love. The supreme gift of Creation, the knowledge of His provision
We rest, fainting in His arms.