March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

Christ, the Heavenly King, made his entrance into Jerusalem riding a donkey.

Not on a white horse or in a chariot as befits His position, but as a peasant would.

He comes to us in the same way. Quiet, unassuming, not raising His voice for recognition.

Do we recognize Him when He comes to us today?

In His distressing disguise, do we look past the homeless, the sick, the abused, straining our eyes to see Him in the glory of men? 

He is not here dressed in fine clothes and jewelry, yet He is still here.

Do we see Him in our majestic church buildings and chapels?

Do we see Him in our church leaders?

Do we see Him in ourselves?

Blameless, He remained silent before His accusers. Yet we are but sinful men. Do we keep our silence in the face of those we have wronged? 

Do we try to elevate ourselves to His level, claiming that we are following His example by keeping silent before the voices of the abused that cry out for justice?

All too often, it seems that we do just that.

Today is a day of repentance, a day to realize our position as lowly sinners. A day to look deep within our hearts as we look ahead to His crucifixion. The day where He died for our sins.

Looking within, we ask for His forgiveness as we glimpse the coming of His victory over sin and death. 

A day to test our ways, and return to the Lord.

A day for us to admit the truth about ourselves to ourselves.

A day to honor the least of these.

A day to stand for the oppressed and abused.

And in doing these things, a day to honor Him. 

A day to be thankful that He was willing to take away our sins with His death.

A day to be reconciled to the Father, to Christ, and to each other.

Lord, have mercy.

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