February 6, 2012

Healing Along the Trail of Tears

It would be so much easier for me to simply ask for healing and then just receive it, with no effort at all required on my part. It's so tempting to want to think of God's healing as little more than getting a shot from the doctor. The catch is that the healing that both God and doctors offer come with instructions to be followed. That means I have to do something, like lose weight and exercise or let go of my spiritual poisons and help people that truly need help. That's a tall order in the days of pressing a button to change the channel on the TV, or just clicking on a link to go to another website.

But the really important things in life usually aren't about instant gratification.

In some odd bit of prescience, I titled the image above "Healing" when I had originally taken it.

Bright sunlight and two paths at the fork.

One going directly to the light, the other leading to shadows.

With spiritual health, as with the physical, we have a choice of paths to follow. 

Sometimes it's harder to see the difference in the paths, and we don't know what lies ahead for us down either path. Weighing the risks, trusting His guidance, having courage to not turn back, they all come into play at the fork in the road. One path may be a difficult walk, but take me to a beautiful view; the other may be easier, but simply take me back to where I started, back to my soul-sickness.

The path that brings me to healing may require a sacrifice from me. I may have to stop many times along the way, reaching my hand out to another, becoming vulnerable in the process. It may take me to ugly and painful places on the way to the goal, places that I would rather avoid. It will require me to ask for help to find my way. I'll likely have to dig a grave along that path, one in which to bury my selfishness.

But, at the end of that path, I will receive a crown. A crown that I can lay at His wounded feet. And then, my healing will be complete.

Both paths will be a Trail of Tears. I get to decide whether they will be bitter tears or tears of joy


  1. thanks so much, Eric. Your depth of reflection is such a blessing...peace, Mindy

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Eric. Thank you for sharing your photograph and your writing.