April 1, 2012

Going to Town

Entering the city, He was just a man on a donkey.

No reason to take notice of someone coming to town on a donkey, yet many had gathered to welcome Him.

Some had been with Him for a few years, most only knew of the things He had done; the daughter of Zion stood blindly.

Yet her King came not to seek glory for Himself, rather for His Father's name.

"I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again." Those who could recognize the King heard the Father of the King speak.

The Father's name, glorified in the miracles of the Son; glorified again at the Cross and the Resurrection. Yet again at the Ascension.

Glorified again today in church buildings around the world, praises and song lifted up to Him.

But glorified most when His teaching of love opens eyes to see pain, moves hands to help suffering.

Let His Holy Name be glorified in our hearts and actions always.

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