April 8, 2012


Gloria in excelsis Deo...

Sin and death are defeated; Christ holds the keys to death and Hades in His hand.

Through His death, our sins are forgiven.

Through His descent, the Good News was made known to all of the lost souls for all of time.

Through His resurrection, He brings us eternal and abundant life. Not tomorrow, nor in some future time, but right now.

So many sermons about how this is a 'free gift', and it is, in terms of money. But, there is still a price we must pay.

"If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me."

Taking up our own cross doesn't mean carrying a burden, it means we are about to die.
An internal death. The death of selfishness. Our internal boundaries of me/you, us/them, clean/unclean, saved/sinner torn in half like the veil in the temple.

It's probably the hardest thing for the human psyche to do; to let our mechanisms of defense and protection be crucified in order that we can become the place where Love is born. To let that resurrection of Love in our hearts bring the fullness of His aionian Life alive in us.

Ideo, gloria in excelsis Deo...

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