March 6, 2013

Are you struggling with your faith?

Then I'd suggest that you read Les Ferguson's blog, Desperately Wanting to Believe Again. Specifically, I'd recommend to start off with this post, Obscenity Redux. It contains the elements of the story necessary to catch up with what happened exactly

Les, a former Church of Christ preacher, lost his wife and son to a man who had been raping his son, who came and murdered them horribly after he was arrested for the sexual abuse. The reactions towards Les from some of the congregation in the aftermath was both disgusting and infuriating.

Yet even after this horrible event, the spirit of a true Christian still shines through in Les' words as he struggles to find a semblance of the faith he once felt.

May Les, his family, and all of us be blessed and comforted by the One who makes all things new.

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  1. Thanks Eric. For the kind words, for the link, for the comments, and for sharing. I greatly appreciate it.