January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

It's going to be a good day, and I believe this year will be better than the last (all in all, last year was much better for me than many previous years.)

One thing I know that will be better is my spiritual growth. We have some great classes coming up at our church, and I'll be able to participate in several of them. I think I'm looking forward to that the most this year. Along with that comes feeding my soul better things. I have several books on my Kindle by N. T. Wright, Henri Nouwen, Francis Chan, Rob Bell, and others that I will get through in the first quarter this year.

I'm going to work on opening my heart, properly, to others, being more gracious and giving to all, while keeping myself a bit more guarded with some.

I heard a great sermon this morning about the places we find God. The quiet prayer and meditation isn't difficult at all for me, rather, I need to look for God in places I wouldn't normally look: in the crowd, the noise of children, the tears of the suffering.

A new year, a time to make new personal covenant, a time to change, a time to become the man God would have me be.

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