March 21, 2017

The Way of Things

Sol rises, blinded by Earth's transient cataracts
The unseeing eyes of all wait upon Thee, desiring to grasp glory and grace
Small ones rise, seeking power for their existence
Patient and expecting, knowing You provide
They toil not.

We rise, blinded by our enduring prejudice
The unseeing eyes of all wait upon nothing, grasping anything in case of need
Small ones fall, trampled in the fearful confusion of existence
Impatient and demanding, not seeing Your plenty around us
We toil in vain.

You rise, seeing slowly through the veil of sleep
Your unseeing eyes wait to adjust to the view, desiring knowledge
Of love rising, love faded but cherished, seeking the gift of
Love. The supreme gift of Creation, the knowledge of His provision
We rest, fainting in His arms.

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