March 22, 2017

To Dream, Perchance to Sleep...

Silence screams at me, a painless deafening hush
I turn away, searching for quiet in the quiet
The flesh is weak, the strong mind weaker still
Talking to myself, I cannot listen

I screams at I, pain roaring in my soul
I turn to nowhere, peace laughing at peace
Flesh becomes strong, Mind strengthens Mind
Talking to myself, I hear every silent word

Sleep snores at me, an amused whimpering quiver
I turn towards it, smiling at its simplicity
Bones creak and pop, Mind sinks into its Flesh
Pulling sleep towards me, I enjoy its contented sigh

Sleep walks away from me, when did he arrive?
I turn to somewhere, finding only Sleep's oppression
Flesh pulls at Bone, barely able to speak to Mind
Speaking to Sleep, He licks at my addled Soul

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