March 23, 2017

The Human Stock Show

Grey and drizzling, I approach you, a smile and a
Quick turn away the welcome given me
Provisions are needed for this journey
However long or short it may be

Your guards arrive, an unsecret service of
Your protection, not knowing the stranger beside
Walking hesitantly, masked in my unease
In plain sight, I struggle to hide

Swerving through the herd of steel and bone
You laugh, they laugh, I can only smile
Abducted from my better judgment
I am both safe and on trial

Wet crowds pour through the sieve of
Counting and control, into the concrete
Pasture of color and light, wandering
With purpose as the footstep's beat

A march of hunger to feed the senses
With sound light color taste scent
We feed, we wait, we watch the rain
The herd huddles under a tent

The corral awaits, a funnel for eyes
Ears hands feet hearts heads
Tension oppresses; in your hair
there is a kiss to relieve the dread

In the arena, we live through pain pleasure
Fear treasure disappointment relief delight
Memories spring from music, songs bring
Wistful nostalgia, old smiles shine bright
We arise to cross the bridge of sighs; you
Relax, our hands join to enter the night

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