March 22, 2017

A Heron is in my Yard

The intruder steps lightly, wanting no attention
Imminent death shining in his eyes
Unsuspecting victims move through their day
Not knowing that Fate waits without patience
Why have you come to my house?

Hunger stomps heavily, demanding satisfaction
Caring not about death or destruction
Instinct is a knife moving through the mist
Destroying life to give life, thinking only of its own
You cannot succeed here; I am not prey

I fire my gun; Brown and Black death screams towards you
My bullet is fearless, having slavering fangs
You turn towards me, the predator become prey
A knowing fear flashes in your eyes
My house devours intruders

My bullet steps quickly, wanting my attention
Slavering fangs smile back at me
Pleased by his obedience, the gunfire keeps barking
Wanting to feed on flesh and bone and blood
Next time, my friend, next time

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